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List of political parties

Party Name Party Abbreviation
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The terms are explained below.


  • The complete results for the commune are only available if the commune responsible for the vote counting results used the Integrated election information system.
  • Results for cities Bratislava and Košice are not included in totals.
  • Data is displayed to 2 decimal places without rounding except for the gender structures.
  • Files for download are available in Slovak version only.
  • Commune - commune, city or city district.
  • Political party – political party or coalition of political parties or independent candidate.
  • Mayor - mayor of commune, city or city district.
  • Local government - commune, city or city district government.
  • Electoral district – electoral districts are laid down in certain laws.
  • NEKA – independent candidate.
  • X - candidate has resigned or has been withdrawn in line with the Act on Conditions of the Exercise of Voting Rights and on amendments to certain laws as amended No 180/2014 Coll., Article 174.

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